Friday, January 14, 2011

Wear your ply with pride pt. 9

This evening I started putting the pickups back in the guitar but before I passed the wiring through, shielded the control cavity with some aluminium foil tape. It's been done in two pieces so I'll use a solder tag to make a good positive earth connection with it.

Once I did this I messed about with putting a logo on the headstock. As I've no artistic skill whatsoever I took a Washburn logo that Brad Brunette from the Washburn forum had made by scanning the headstock of his Dime Stealth and removed all the Dime related stuff. Quite how he held the headstock of a guitar on a flatbed scanner I don't know, but it's a nicely done logo in a decent resolution. It's the 90s 'Frankenstein' style Washburn logo as seen on the Steve Stevens signature models. Which I prefer to the modern script logo or the 80s angular one the guitar started with.

I pasted this in a variety of sizes into a Word document, printed it out and offered a couple up to the guitar. It seemed to look OK so I printed the same thing out onto some 'waterslide' laser printer decal sheets I bought some time ago for exactly this purpose. These are a little bit flaky but most of the logos came out OK.

So, in a throwback to my childhood of making plastic model kits I soaked the logo in warm water and slid it onto the headstock. I messed the first one up, managing to crease it but as I'd printed a whole sheet of the things just cut out another one and went for it.

I reckon the end result looks kick-ass. Although I really am going to have to swap the hardware to all black, the chrome just looks too washed out on a blonde guitar.

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