Friday, December 11, 2009

Indie #6 - 'S type' Butterscotch

It's a strat, totally trad down to the maple fretboard and vintage style trem. The only nod to modernity I can see is the 22nd fret and the Grover style machine heads.

Indie seem to have varied their strat copies over the years, with some of them being better specified than others. This is a middling one which I picked up as a 'second'. This is undoubtedly because the finish is slightly translucent and you can see the odd nasty knot in the wood of the body. Obviously this has no effect whatsoever apart from the cosmetics and it's only really noticeable inside one of the cutaways.

This replaced the Vintage AV6S I had which was my first trad strat. For some reason it never felt right to me when this does. I still don't like vintage tremolos though, this one came blocked down onto the body and I've deliberately left it like that.

They also do a 'Super S' which has a bridge humbucker and rosewood fretboard but I think this is much prettier. I've also got a lot of guitars with humbuckers so it's nice to have something purely with single coils.

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