Monday, March 1, 2010

Washburn #5 - 'RR2 V' black

Hang on what's that sound? It's an 80s Washburn collection creeping up on me.

This was described in the eBay listing as a 'barn find' and it truly was horrible when it turned up. It's of the same generation as my G2V and is in many ways the same guitar in a different body shape. Washburn were even cheeky enough to call this an RR2 when Jackon have the RR1/3/5. I doubt you'd get away with that nowadays.

It's still kind of horrible to look at after I spent some time sorting it out but plays well enough. The plywood body is covered in scratches, dings and digs, looks like somebody has taken a rasp to the points and it has a nasty looking crack either side of the neck pocket that suggests violence in its past. The 600T tremolo is rusty and missing one of the fine adjusters, with a crummy screw as a makeshift replacement.

The single coil pickups are different from the ones in my G2V. They sound quite nice and somebody has dated/initialled some electrical work inside which makes me think they're aftermarket. Even if they're missing covers, look like crap and the crummy mini switches used for pickup selection are bent and annoying to use.

I really might be able to bring myself to trash this for parts. Or at least turn it into a refinishing project. I reckon the sharkfin neck would spruce up the looks of the G2V, it's in good nick apart from the inevitable chip at the headstock.

Or maybe I ought to stop buying £60 shitters.
Update: This guitar has now had a major refurbishment.

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