Sunday, May 9, 2010

Indie #21 - 'IJ1' trans orange

OMFG a Bigsby.

A friend bought this a while back as he wanted a 'Rockabilly' guitar, whatever that means. We messed around with it and changed the look a little but when it came down to it this is essentially a single-cutaway 335. The arrival of the Gretsch Tim Armstrong signature model ignited his lust so I've bought this from him to fill out another gap in my Indie collection.

First thing I did was remove the dice knobs and pinup stickers as they're not really what I want and put it back to standard.

Like I said it's essentially a 335 copy and even has the same pickups as my Indie Two-tone so it's only really the Bigsby that makes it stand out from that.

The roller bridge has made the Bigsby usable without totally taking the guitar out of tune but it's still pretty alien to me, much like vintage style strat bridges.

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