Saturday, February 5, 2011

Indie #30 - 'L-shape Floyd' trans blue

AKA the abomination.

So, is this the best of both worlds or the worst?

You've got a solidy made high end 'import' Les Paul style guitar, mahogany body, grade A flamed maple top, neck and body binding, pearloid trapezium inlays, locking machine heads, sculpted heeless neck joint, high output Alnico 5 humbuckers etc. etc.

Then you fit a Floyd Rose licensed tremolo.

It's also not just any old tremolo but a Japanese Gotoh with locking studs and is arguably better made than pretty much anything else out there, with improvements over the original Floyd. It certainly looks a tad inconguous on a Les Paul, but it works really well and is rock solid stable whatever you do to it.

I've been hankering after one of these for a while. Like the 'Shape floyd' They've always been lurking in Indie's US range but only made it over to the UK as 'custom shop' models before. I nearly bought one of those but held back. Now Indie seem to be having a bit of a clear out/reshuffle and are selling off lots of stock quite cheaply so I picked one up.

My real worry is that this might be them clearing out before they shut up shop. They've been selling stuff so cheaply on eBay it'll be cannibalising any sales from music shops and they just keep dropping the price of things until they sell.

So maybe this is a 'last chance to see' moment. I'll be very sad if they go, I've been collecting their guitars because it's allowed me to build up a varied stable of attractive well made guitars at great prices. They've a few guitars left at knock down prices and the temptation to pick up a couple is high, but it's not like I'm short of the odd guitar.


Neill said...

Did Indie Guitars appear at this years NAMM? If they had they would have posted videos on their site?

If I had some spare cash I'd snap up a couple of those guitars. The Super-T is only 200 quid on e-bay!

Nick Reynolds said...

I've asked and they're relocating the main office to Canada.

It seems a shame as they started out UK based, but when companies are so global anyway, where you've actually got the headquarters doesn't matter quite as much.

So long as they keep turning out nice guitars and we see them in the UK I'll be happy.