Thursday, December 17, 2009

Indie #7 - 'Designer' Union Jack

I came to Indies perhaps the other way round from most people, starting with their own designs and picking up several before I bought one of their 'copies' in the shape of the S type.

Having got a strat copy the next obvious thing to try was a Les Paul. My first ever guitar was an old Columbus Les Paul but since that I've been very much a 'thrash metal' kind of guy, owning a series of superstrats and an Explorer.

I saw these Union Jack designs on their stand in Birmingham and really fancied one so had been keeping an eye out for one on eBay. Eventually this came up and it's lovely. A very straight Les Paul copy but unlike so many the proper thickness and weight. It's a monstrous mahogany millstone of a guitar.

The pickups are actually pretty 'classic' sounding rather than resorting to fitting very hot ones and it does a very good take on the classic rock thing. There's something very Def Leppard about the design but I don't care.

Indie make a big thing about putting the Union Jack on their products which is something you don't see much nowadays as it seems to have gained negative connotations.

The picture doesn't really show it but the white in the design is very much ivory rather than arctic white. I think some of this is down to age, which I wasn't expecting, as the Bullseye Designer I picked up later has definitely aged in the light.

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