Sunday, November 21, 2010

Indie #26 - 'T type' tobacco sunburst

Despite owning two Indie 'Super T's I didn't own a 'proper' Telecaster until picking this up. The 'Super T' is a hot rodded model with bridge humbucker and strat single coil fitted rather than traditional Telecaster pickups so tends to feel like just another humbucker equipped guitar.

This is an older Indie model, they stopped doing the standard T-type some while back, and is a pretty faithful Telecaster copy. The concessions to modernity are the tummy cut on the back, Schaller style die-cast machine heads and a 6-saddle bridge. It's even only got 21 frets.

Despite being a few years old it's in mint condition, it really must have lurked under a bed in the case most of the time. I'm not 100% sure how much use it'll get as I'm not really a single coil guy but I do occasionally fancy playing something a little different.

With this I think I'm really close to owning an example of every mainstream electric Indie have produced apart from the Dragon (Superstrat with OTT inlays), Jaguar (which is really an HSS strat with a Jaguar shaped body) and a couple of semi-acoustics.

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