Saturday, December 11, 2010

Indie #27 - 'IJG1' tobacco sunburst

When is a Jaguar not a Jaguar? When it's an Indie IJG1.

I've watched various of these come and go over time, but eventually picked this up. Not that many companies make a Fender Jaguar style guitar, which is understandable as despite a brief grunge-led period of popularity, along with the Jazzmaster, they've always been in the WTF camp.

One of the defining things of the Jaguar is the mad-ass switching mechanism, which is like having two completely separate sets of controls you switch between. Indie ditch this for a bog standard 5-way switch and master volume/tone.

The Jaguar pickups are two strat-esque single coils with metal mounting 'claws', but Indie have gone for a perhaps more versatile bridge humbucker and two single coils.

The Jaguar has a slightly mad tremolo with a pressed steel moving tailpiece but, as far as I can see also a moving bridge that's allowed to wobble about a bit. This is renowned for being cheesy and unstable. Indie have gone for a two-point modern strat tremolo.

So when it comes down to it this is a modern HSS strat with a Jaguar shaped body. Which is a much safer bet.

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