Sunday, November 28, 2010

Isn't technology great pt. 4 - Digitech RP200

This was £20 off eBay, FFS all those sounds and options I would have killed for as a teenager for the measly sum of £20. OK so the PSU lead was a bit mangled but seriously, we're spoilt today.

I bought this because I fancied a Whammy pedal but it was far far cheaper to buy one of these, which includes a model of one, than just the Whammy. OK so it's not quite the same but I had fun making stupid noises with it at about an eighth the price and didn't feel guilty about the fact I never did anything constructive with it.

The only bad thing about this was that if you used the expression pedal as a Wah it was always on/off depending on the preset. So you needed to change presets to switch it on/off and on these old Digitechs that means a brief interrruption in sound that's irritating.

I've since replaced this with an RP350 that has a on/off function on the expression pedal you activate by pushing the toe down firmly much like an analogue Wah despite it being done with a strain gauge or something.

Amazingly I sold this for far more than I paid for it, somebody really must have wanted this specific pedal.

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