Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Washburn #13 - 'RS10V' blue quilt

The RS10V is a Washburn cut from the same cloth as my RS8V but is the fancier model with a quilted top and there are abalone inlays in the composite fretboard.

Electrics and so on are identical but this has a different tremolo. Instead of the double locking 600T setup, this has one that doesn't lock at the bridge. It looks like a standard Floyd Rose style bridge but the strings pass though the saddles from the back with the ball ends intact.

I've watched a few of these come and go on eBay and this is the first cheap one. I really like the RS8V which is why I've been keeping an eye on these.

There is a reason for it being dirt cheap, which should be pretty obvious.

I have a cunning plan.


PEP said...


Great pictures - but could you please post a picture of the wiring - I need to rewire my RS-10V and cannot find any schematics on the net.


Nick Reynolds said...

I'm afraid I just ripped it all apart when I got it. Don't remember the wiring being anything unusual just uses a mini switch instead of a full size one to select pickups.