Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wear your ply with pride pt. 6

Right, that's the routing of the tremolo inset done. This was done semi-freehand using a straight edge to run the router round an outline drawn partly with the tremolo base and partly with a router template.

Ideally I should have used the router template but it's for an original style Floyd Rose, not a Washburn tremolo with slightly different shape base plate. Also I've yet to pick up one of those router bits with the guide bearings for using with the template.

Once done I splodged a little black paint on the bare wood to tidy it up.

I also stripped the hardware off the neck as a prelude to sanding the finish off the face of the headstock. I might tackle this later tonight.

When the hardware goes back on I need some kind of string guide for it. As mentioned before, the relationship between locking nut and machine heads means the top E string gets cut as you tighten the locking nut, unless you carefully guide it in the nut while you tighten it. My teal EC29 has a pattern of screws in the headstock to guide the strings but all my other late 80s Washburns with the pointy headstocks suffer from this. I'm not sure a conventional Floyd Rose string guide will work, the headstock is pretty narrow.

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