Saturday, July 31, 2010

Indie #22 - 'Shape' standard futuristic silver

It's a strat Jim, but not as we know it.

Three proper single coil pickups, middle RW/RP to cancel hum. -check
Five way switching. -check
Master volume, with neck & middle tone controls. -check
Traditional 6-screw fulcrum tremolo. -check
3-a-side headstock. -er, OK
Single cutaway mahogany body with carved top. -hang on
Set mahogany neck. -is this still the same guitar?

One of the more obscure ends of the Indie range, which is usually humbuckers and tune-o-matic based, this is like I say vaguely strat-esque.

The metallic silver finish is leaning towards tacky but is saved by the otherwise minimalist looks and black hardware. The flash has made the paint look more 'metallic' than it is in the flesh.

In play, I've not done a back to back comparison but it seems not quite as bright as a standard strat and definitely provides a contrast to the usual Indie fare.

Bought secondhand it's got one odd adjusting screw in the bridge but is otherwise in great condition.

I'm not a fan of vintage tremolos but this is a good quality badged up Wilkinson one with a really heavy solid steel block and well executed push in arm. It seems pretty stable in use but as it stands it's not like you can have a Kerry King moment.

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