Friday, January 14, 2011

Wear your ply with pride pt. 10

It was good while it lasted.

Last night I put a little oil over the top of the Washburn decal I've made to protect it. This morning I was working on the headstock hardware, mocking up what it would look like with black hardware rather than the chrome the guitar came with.

Sadly the oil wasn't enough to protect the decal and I mashed it up just touching it with the spanner I was using to tighten the machine head bushes. So I'm going to have to go back, sand the headstock again and do a new decal. This will probably stop me getting that much done today as both the decal and the multiple coats of oil will take quite while to dry.

It will definitely be getting black hardware though, it looks much better in my opinion. The black nut is one that came off my neck-through Mockingbird so that can stay in place. However the machine heads are off the Goth Explorer and are actually mid-size Grover Rotomatics rather than mini-Rotomatics. They look the same from the front but have the 'tag' in a slightly different position and I don't want to drill the headstock if just getting some black mini-Rotomatics would prevent this.

I'm tempted to steal the mini-Rotomatics off the MG440 and break it for parts, but I really should finish that off and chuck it on eBay. Stealing the hardware starts the slippery slide into it being unplayable and just taking up space.

Perhaps I ought to do that while the RR2V headstock dries.

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