Friday, April 22, 2011

Indie #34 - 'IPR1 Anniversary'

Kerbling Fatman!

Yet again I have bought a duplicate, but this came up at a 'rude not to' price on eBay.

It's #120 and other than the fact it came with amber control knobs it's pretty much identical to my other one.

I'm still not a fan of fixed wraparound bridges so as soon as I got it I swapped the bridge for a Gotoh adjustable one.

When it arrived it had rather heavy strings on, maybe 12s, and there was more relief in the neck than I'd like. After leaving the guitar a few days to settle with no strings on I've given the truss rod a tweak and it's now pretty much how I want it.

Incidentally when I got my notched straight edge out to set the neck relief I found the scale length was 24.75", not the 25" you'd expect for a PRS copy or the 25.5" that was on the Indie website ages ago.

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