Friday, January 14, 2011

Wear your ply with pride pt. 11

Having started to sand back the headstock to remove the logo I decided to have a go at the dirty mark in the wood at the tip of the headstock, which was making it a bit ugly.

It wasn't clear if it was a fault in the wood or dirt so I just started sanding gently. It looked like it was going away so I kept sanding until it had mostly disappeared. This showed up that I hadn't really sanded all the grain filler off the headstock anyway so I've had a serious go and taken it right back to the bare wood. I hope. This has got rid of the nasty mark anyway, which is good.

This has also exposed the 'reverse scarf joint' in the headstock but as I'm happy showing off the fact the body is made of plywood anyway that really doesn't matter.

Having set the new headstock logo to dry I changed the tremolo 'claw' and screws. The old one protruded from the body stopping the cover fitting properly.

I've also wired up the electrics but until I get it back in one piece won't know if the single coils and humbucker are in or out of phase with each other.

Some new black Grover mini-rotomatics have been ordered along with a jackplate so any chance of getting it together this weekend has gone out of the window. This is probably a good thing as it'll stop me rushing the finish on the headstock. I've already had to try a third time with the logo because I went to put the oil over the top too soon and it cracked.

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