Friday, December 11, 2009

Indie #18 - 'Designer' Target

So, I'm a sucker for Indies and I'm a sucker for Les Pauls so when this came up for a song on eBay I just couldn't resist it.

It's made to the usual decent Indie Designer spec. and as it's a slightly older one is a straight copy rather than the later ones with the smoothed off heel and more aggressive lower horn.

Now I just happen to have some gold Les Paul hardware and black speed knobs about from an earlier incarnation of the BFI, plus the EMGs I bought for the KH-502 but am yet to fit, so I'm very tempted to make it even more reminiscent of this. All I'd need to acquire is some black pickup surrounds and full size kidney beans for the machine heads.

The name's Milde, Fatt Milde.

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