Monday, January 10, 2011

Wear your ply with pride pt. 7

So, I'm at the frustrating stage where I want to put the guitar back together but getting the finish sorted out is taking a while.

I decided the body was too shiny and the oil had too much dust in it so I flatted it down with wire wool. This just seemed to put a load of scratches in it despite using really fine wool. More scratches than I've noticed from using fine sandpaper.

So I attempted to buff it and this just lead to having the scratches stand out even more.

Now I'm putting more Danish oil on and it's coming up nicely but progress is slow and the oil is taking a while to dry as it's quite built up now. Perhaps too built up.

The chipped black headstock offended me, so I've sanded it back and I'm doing the same with it. It won't look great as the wood is pretty grotty. Now it's plain wood the fiddler in me wants to fit black machine heads and nut. As I have some fitted to the repaired MG440 I'm tempted to send it to the knackers yard and steal them. This sounds a bit extreme but I'd spend as much buying a set of black Grovers, nut, string retainer and tremolo as I'd get for it on eBay.

All the electrics are going to be replaced as they were nasty. I've got some mini-switches on the way and am tempted to wire the pickups up serially rather than the usual parallel arrangement, at least for the single coils.

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