Saturday, October 2, 2010

The joys of mystery monkey metal

One of the many things wrong with the travel guitar I bought recently is that the bridge seemed a fraction too far forward and a little too high. Tonight I've been messing around looking at it again and found that the baseplate for the tremolo has cracked, allowing it to be pulled forwards. The joys of crappy mystery monkey metal.

I also had a look at getting the locking nut to sit properly on the end of the neck and I think I need to fill the existing screw holes then redrill just a mm or so lower. Something I can't seeing going particularly well.

All in all I've got much better guitars in need of my attention so I can see me putting this back together and sticking it on eBay as a spares or repair. It's not worth lots of my time and money fixing the problems, it would be more sensible to just buy a Steinberger Spirit if I want something of this ilk.

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