Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's not a Gibson, don't pretend it is.

Today I dug out my Vintage Goldtop for a play and decided it needed a little more setup. Sometimes when I get a guitar I spend ages setting it up, other times I don't bother. I think the Goldtop was one of these.

There was zero relief in the neck so I decided to slacken the truss rod off a tad and this reminded me of one 'upgrade' the previous owner had done to it when fitting the pickups etc.

There was a bit of foam wedged in the truss rod cavity then an old piece of scratchplate material cut to shape and stuck where the lower screw hole needed to be. None of this really worked very well so I removed it all. Then I used the bit of scratchplate to hold the screw head  in place and simply cut the rest off.

It's not a Gibson, don't try and pretend it is.

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