Monday, October 4, 2010

Some progress with the Mockingbird

So, flushed with the success of setting up the RS8V I attacked the iffy Mockingbird. I slackened off the truss rod to give some relief then lowered the nut height a little. This time I attacked the nut shelf as it was more substantial than the RS8V and made of wood rather than weird plasticky stuff.

This has really helped and made it much more playable. I'll have to take a bit more off the nut height but I've decided the monkey metal tremolo really has to go. I'll order up a new one and do both at the same time.

With it approaching playable I went for the electrics. I ditched the neck P90 and Epiphone bridge then fitted a matched pair of Kent Armstrong 'rockers' I bought ages ago cheaply. I had written off the idea of using them in this as the bridge wasn't bought as F-spaced but when I actually measured it's actually pretty close to it. In my usual fashion I stuck in some push/pull pots and wired it for coil tap. Given some 4-wire pickups it's almost rude not to.

With it all back together it's a lot closer to what I wanted from the Mockingbird when I started modding it, but there's still a way to go.


Neill said...

You sound post some videos of your guitars so we can hear how they sound.

I noticed you have a lot of Indie's. I have an Indie IPR natural with a '59 and JB installed. It cost me 325 quid second hand... a true bargain.

Nick Reynolds said...

Posting videos isn't going to happen any time soon, I'm far too shy(te).

I've got a soft spot for the Indies, I think they're great and I've managed to convert a couple of mates. There are quite a lot of companies having good stuff made in Korea but Indie are at least UK based.