Sunday, October 10, 2010

Washburn #11 - 'MG440' trans purple

This is one of the pair of MG440s I bought with bridge bushes that had shifted, but now it's repaired I thought I'd list it up in it's own right.

It's a bog standard HSH superstrat, in the style of an Ibanez RG but with a more subtle rounded headstock design and in this case a lovely maple neck. The body is quite a cheap four piece affair with a veneer top to make the transparent finish attractive.

The pickups and electrics are obviously budget but the Washburn 600S licensed Floyd Rose is reasonably well made, it's got black Grovers and that neck really is lovely. It's seemingly a proper one-piece maple job with the fretboard being the neck rather than a separate glued on piece. The offset black fret markers are pretty classy too.

Lots of cheaper guitars seem to come with a very conservative nut height, not something that's easy to adjust with a locking nut but Washburn have set this just right and it plays beautifully.

Now I've had my fun fixing this, it's kind of superfluous so I can't imagine it'll be around long. Although that neck is lovely...

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