Sunday, October 31, 2010

Have Amplug will travel

I've got a gaming convention coming up and I thought it'd be a good opportunity to assemble and try my 'travel kit'. At these events, games are in 4 hour slots and unless you play 12 hours a day you can end up with a fair bit of time to kill.

This is based around the Amplug I bought, the WI66ProE and an old 128MB MP3 player I've got kicking around. I've given it a spin and found that mixing the backing from the MP3 player with the guitar is a bit hit and miss but works OK once you've got the levels sorted. It all runs on AAA batteries, bar the EMGs in the guitar which last ages, so I can have a single set of batteries and charger.

This should all fit in one of my gig bags easily and if it gets dropped or nicked won't be a tragedy as the WI66ProE cost me tuppence.

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