Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Washburn #10 - 'WI66 Pro-E'

I quite like the WI64 so have been looking at other Idols on eBay as there are several different flavours. The WI64 is a 'thin, flat top' and the most common of the 'thick, carved top' models is probably the Indonesian made WI45 nowadays. A few have come and gone but never quite cheap enough for a gamble.

I've also seen a few of these for sale but didn't think I'd get one at the sort of price I'm happy to pay as the WI66 Pro-E was near the top of the old Korean made range. You get a mahogany body with set neck, flamed maple top, three ply binding, ebony fretboard, the classic 'very metal' EMG 81/85 combo, all black hardware (inc. 18:1 Grovers) and a single large abalone cross inlay. Pretty much the 'metal Idol' without resorting to the Floyd Rose and pointy headstock of the WI50V. I wish it had no inlay at all as the cross is a bit hackneyed but beggars can't be choosers.

This one was dead cheap because it's slightly beaten up with dings and scratches all over it but most importantly a small piece chipped out of the fretboard. There's a picture of this on here and the crescent shaped mark makes me think it was done by being hit with a tube of some kind.

This may look terrible but you can barely feel it while playing. Likewise, despite all the finish marks none of them have actually chipped it. Korean Idols must be pretty tough. So I paid about £20 over what a pair of EMGs fetches secondhand for a really decent rock guitar.

It was absolutely minging when I got it, the general lack of care shown apparently also included never ever cleaning the fretboard. No matter, I always clean up a secondhand guitar when I get it unless it really is spotless.

If I can think of any way to fill the fretboard that won't look terrible and wear away instantly I may have a go but to be honest it doesn't need doing. It could easily end up looking worse than it does right now too.


Roger said...

Hi Nick,

I enjoy your blog very much, mostly because the recognition factor is alarmingly high - I can stand by your misson statement 100%.
Unless you are much more of a purist than me a I can recommend a StewMac tip on mending your fretboard - use superglue. Wet sand it after it has set and it will be ok.

Best regards

Nick Reynolds said...

I'm frankly amazed anybody reads the thing.

I can see that needing quite a lot of superglue, do they give any tips on adding colour to the glue?

Roger said...

Hi again Nick,

I am sure you can find some useful information here :
Maybe issue 114 contains some pointers on superglue etc.

I read "the thing" and like it, as, I am sure, do countless others.
Quite an impressive guitar collection you have got there. Maybe I have to look into Indie soon (the extreme is just so - tempting?).
Best regards

Nick Reynolds said...

Cool, thanks.

I did look at the Stewmac tips a while back but had kind of forgotten about them.

I've been playing the Idol this evening and to be honest I simply don't notice the damage. So I'll certainly leave it a while before doing anything with it, if at all.