Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring project review

I was messing about in the shed clearing a space and it got too hot so I came in and decided to review where I am with the various projects I had in the Autumn.

  • Mockinbird - plays like shite and that's not in a good way Now fixed by lowering the nut and plays nicely. Still a bit scruffy so may get a refinish.
  • Goth Explorer - plays OK, looks like shite, not fully wired up, kind of redundant now I got my DT350X back Stripped for a refinish but now just languishing
  • RR2V - plays nicely, tremolo fucked, no locking clamps for nut, looks like shite Following a complete refinish, new tremolo etc. this is now a kick-ass looking guitar.
  • MG440TPL - essentially done, but has crackly pots and an uncertain destiny Sold
  • MG440PWS - need to lower tremolo by taking a router to it Sold
  • Black RS530 - dodgy jack socket Fixed
  • Marine Burst RS530 - frets badly worn, but plays OK. Just.
  • Rhoads Ex Pro - plays fantastically, looks like shite. May stay like this as it's genuinely 'reliced'
  • RS8V - needs more setup I lowered the nut, sorting this
  • Red EC29 - need to redo the scratchplate
  • Trans gold KC90 - dodgy jack socket Fixed
  • Headless thing - plays like shite Sold
  • Shape custom semi-hollow - plan to fit a bridge humbucker but otherwise perfect
So despite my habit of buying new projects before finishing the old I'm not doing badly at getting things sorted out.

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