Thursday, April 21, 2011

Valuable or hard to find?

I recently renewed my guitar insurance and was thinking about what I'd do if I actually needed to make a claim.

I would find it hard to replace several of my guitars.

By contrast, my friend who collects vintage (and modern) Gibsons could probably replace most of them fairly quickly if armed with market value in cash.

Out there vintage guitar dealerships are keeping good care of their stock. Most people who were going to carelessly dispose of them probably have done so by now. So while they aren't making any more of them, they probably aren't getting much more rare either. Daft speculation and 'investment' has driven up values in the past twenty years but apart from the real obscure ultra-rare items (original Korina flying V's for example), you can probably find many vintage items in the UK if you have the cash.

Apart from a small cult ownership following, nobody is looking after the EC29s of the world. You can occasionally find them supposedly for sale online in a smattering of places but I'd probably have to go to the US to find one. Even then you'd have to take whatever finish was available.

Unlike a 1957 Les Paul Junior in TV yellow, which I'm pretty certain you could just buy.

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