Monday, April 25, 2011

Hello Korina

Anybody would think I like sanding.

So, with the strat paint drying I need something to occupy me otherwise I won't be able to resist going and poking at it.

The Goth Explorer has been kicking around downstairs for ages waiting for me to do something to it. So I started taking the paint off the top. With it down to the primer there's a lovely transparent black finish if you wipe it with white spirit, but that's not really a finish that can be used, especially as I've now gone through it in a couple of places.

It has made me think that this might actually be nice with a plain natural top and contrasting black back/sides. Especially if I could maintain some 'faux binding' by leaving the black on the edges untouched. Or failing that perhaps fit some binding. Which would be another bit of fun bodgery I've yet to attempt.

This would mean at first glance it's not massively dissimilar to my '58 Korina Explorer but if I stick with the original black hardware, use the aluminium tread scratchplate I have and fit some Seymour Duncan Blackouts you'd have quite a \m/ guitar.

All without me having to think of a design I want painted on it. Which I'm still struggling with.

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