Sunday, August 15, 2010

Router attack

I recently had a go at fixing one of my faulty MG440s but after putting it back together the bridge was simply too high.

I thought about shimming the neck but didn't really fancy that, so today I've taken a router to the body and inset the 'lockdown bar' so it's flush with the body. Obviously this took the finish off the guitar so I splodged a little satin black paint onto the bare wood.

With it all back together this has solved the issue with the bridge height, again I'll leave it a couple of weeks to settle before passing judgement. You can't really see the routed area as it's mostly covered by the scratchplate.

I suspect that it'll be going back on eBay if all is well. The clearance between the lockdown bar and the bridge is slightly lacking on the 'padauk' one so I may do the same to that.

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