Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More sanding hell

Sometimes I wonder if I do this for good reasons or if I'm just a total masochist.

Anyway, the top of the Explorer is now stripped and I like the contrast between the top and sides. The wood of the body isn't that nice, it's three piece and the lower section is noticeably darker than the other two. I'm not sure whether to jut put some oil on the top as it stands or to lightly stain it which may hide the difference.

I've also stripped the headstock and it's fairly pink mahogany with a join at the tip.

I may 'mock up' how it'll look before doing anything more with it.

Regardless what I do I still have to deal with the nasty varnish on the back and sides. There's less of it than on the front but I still need to get rid of it. If I can I'll try and maintain the original black satin finish underneath, either as it stands or as a colour base to put some clear lacquer over.

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