Thursday, September 2, 2010

On dangerous ground

Back in about 1990 I bought an X-series Ibanez Destroyer. It was black and very metal. I stuck an active bass/treble boost circuit in, which was my first guitar modding project.

In about 1993 I sold this to a mate, who then sold it on later to help buy a Rickenbacker 4001. This self same guitar has just turned up on eBay, I've stolen the pictures and stuck them up here.

The really scary thing is that I was not looking for this. It found me. I have a search for old Ibanez Roadstars going on eBay but not Destroyers. A Destroyer got picked up in this search that looked similar to my old one and it made me have a quick look to see what other Destroyers were for sale. This happened the same week as the guy listed my old guitar.


I've checked and I'm pretty sure it's my old guitar. There is a mark in the paint I remember and I had to drill a hole for a third pot when I fitted the active circuit and swapped the knobs to chrome. These Destroyers originally came with two controls and black plastic knobs.

There is a real chance I will buy this. It won't reclaim my youth, but I kind of want it back.

Update: I seem to have just won this. ;-)

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