Sunday, September 26, 2010

Easy win #4 & #5

My G2V and RS8V had annoying rattly tremolo arms courtesy of the grub screws which tighten down on the nylon bush they run past being missing. So, I bought a bunch of M4 grub screws off eBay and fitted them.

After this I messed around with the tremolo on my gold KC90. The tension spring, which is in the bottom of the sustain block, was too tight so you couldn't actually get the arm to screw in. I had thought the jack socket was dodgy but it seems not.

While I was doing this I tweaked the truss rod of the RS8V again and set the intonation on all three. The RS8V keeps needing redoing as I keep altering the neck relief and action while I don't think I've ever done the other two since I got them.

That's some more little niggles dealt with. I was reminded again that the G2V is nicer than its paltry RRP and plywood body would suggest but that it's badly let down by shoddy pickups. At some point getting a three ply scratchplate made up to replace the grotty original and fitting some decent pickups may happen but I'll leave it for now.

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