Monday, March 1, 2010

Washburn #4 - 'G2 V' white

I bought this mid-80s Washburn purely because it has a 600T tremolo that matches the one on my teal EC29. These are almost, but not quite the same stud spacing as a standard Floyd Rose. Also the saddles are pretty much unique to them and obviously spares are totally unobtainable. So I figured a cheap Washburn of the same era was a good bet as a spares donor.

When I got it, the bridge pickup bobbins had separated from the baseplate and the selector switch was dodgy. Apart from that it was in pretty good condition.

The pickup I just stuck back together with epoxy, it was only glued in the first place. Then I wax potted all the pickups for good measure.

The selector switches on these old Washburns can be dismantled easily so I stripped it down, cleaned the contacts and bent them back into shape a bit. Now it's like new.

Trouble is, now it's too nice to break up for spares. It is massively retro with nerdy looks and a great fat lump of a neck, but it's somehow comforting to play. I've no idea what the body is made of but the guitar is really really heavy, almost Les Paul weight. The only bad bit is the scratchplate material has kind of degraded with age so it looks very tired. Oh and the pickups are a bit thin sounding, but I wasn't expecting much from them anyway.

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