Friday, March 5, 2010


I bought a small batch of goodies from Axesrus this week as some of my projects need odd bits.

  • Pickup covers, locking nut clamps and tremolo arm for the RR2V 
  • A B2 tune-o-matic bridge for the Indie Target Les Paul, as it's slightly narrower than the usual metric item. The one on there isn't a great fit, I'm hoping this will be better.
  • A tremolo arm for the G2V
  • A Dimebucker-esque rail pickup for the Baby Dean. It's actually got a Bill Lawrence USA L500XL in there now which is more authentic but that's a stupid size. The special BL USA ring doesn't fit the body but if you put the L500XL in a normal ring there are large gaps round it.
  • Some strap button felts.

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