Monday, March 29, 2010

Dean #2 - 'ML Dean from hell'

Having bought my Baby Dean ML as a bit of a joke on the assumption I wasn't going to be able to pick up a 'proper' one any time soon, this came up.

It's the current basic 'Dean from Hell' replica. If you're going to have a Dean, forget all the Razorbacks etc., this is the design to have IMO.

I find the whole postmortem Dimebag industry Dean are at the centre of a tad distasteful to be honest. It's in danger of turning him into the Metal Elvis and I thought twice before buying this.

Anyway, this guitar has a reasonably authentic take on the features of Dimebags original Dean from Hell which put them back on the map. It's not just the paint job but right down to the tape on the neck pickup and melted 'traction' knobs. Well apart from the fact it's made in China and pristine rather than beaten to death.

In play it's somewhat underwhelming, ho hum I'm glad I didn't pay the £700 Dean want for one of these. Maybe I don't like the unconventional 'V' neck profile or the fact it's even more unwieldy than an Explorer. Or maybe I just feel a little embarrassed playing it.

This blog post has made me think I really ought to get it out more and give it another chance.

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