Sunday, March 20, 2011

What I did on my holidays

It's been quiet here for a month but then again I do have a good excuse, I've been on holiday in NZ for three weeks. A friend was getting married and it's so far away that if you're going to go you need to make it a long trip.

As I was going to be travelling about in a car killing time for a few weeks I took along my WI66ProE and Amplug. Lots of people might go to NZ to do active outdoors stuff I was going to relax.

There are many anecdotal stories of airlines destroying guitars, so I used one of my Hiscox Liteflite cases, which is about as tough as you'll get short of a full professional flight case and took the WI66ProE because it cost me tuppence and I wouldn't miss it. In the end, Air New Zealand didn't put a mark on the case and it survived the entire trip unscathed.

I had a good look round the guitar shops I found hoping to see something 'different' but even one of the guys in Rockshop admitted they carry pretty much the same stuff we do in the UK. So I failed to bring home a guitar related NZ souvenir.

Last couple of shots are of Whitianga where I finished my stay. I practised a little sat on a bench by that beach then got up early the following morning and watched the sun rise over the Pacific. Which is pretty special if you're from the UK.

I'm still dead impressed by the 'no frills' nature of the Amplug. The battery lasts ages and it's very easy to sit on a bench and play without being distracted by lots of stuff to fiddle with.

Anyway soon I'll be back on the guitar fiddling wagon and as summer is coming I'll clear off the bench in the shed and do it out there. Still not sure what to do with the Explorer but I've got a Strat body to refinish lined up.

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