Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sacrifice the Virgin

I just couldn't resist that post title.

Last month I bought this BC Rich Virgin to remove the Speedloader bridge from and today I finally got round to it.

The Speedloader uses really nice fine pitch thread tremolo studs, much better than the usual sloppy ones on cheap tremolos. So I wanted to remove these too. However my usual method of screwing a long bolt into them and using a block/nut to draw them out wasn't going to work as I simply don't have anything with the same thread.

This means I had to make another puller which can use the actual studs themselves to pull the bushes out. It'll come in useful occasionally when I find something with an odd thread.

Before I pulled the studs, I carefully measured the distance from the nut to the stud centres. This is so I can redrill the studs on the RS10V.

This turned out to be 25-3/16" or 640mm, which seem to be one of those rare measurements where sane imperial and metric measurements are so close as to be equivalent. The distance between the studs is the usual 74mm.

So I've now got an entire Floyd Rose Speedloader, along with the tremolo stop they seem to fit as part of the kit ready to go.

When I'll find time to start work on the RS10V I'm not sure. I do need to decide if I'm going to fit a normal tremolo to the Virgin or if I'm just going to get rid of it as it stands.

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