Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Last night I put some Seymour Duncan Blackouts in my old Jackson Randy Rhoads Ex Pro. Ooh crikey it's a bit different now.

I don't know if it's better but it's certainly more capable of doing the ridiculous squealy shred thing without requiring anywhere near as much amp gain.

The bridge is fitted with a 'Blackouts Metal' and the neck a standard one. Although it's actually a bridge pickup as that's what turned up on eBay but it sounds fine. There's just space in the control cavity for the battery and it's snug enough that I don't feel the need to route the body for a proper battery box.

Oh and they look cool. Very cool. Much cooler than having rusty pole pieces. The photo doesn't really show up how scruffy this guitar is, I'm now tempted to give it another coat of rattlecan satin black just to tidy it up a bit. Oh and to buy some more Blackouts although I should really fit the EMGs I've got sitting in a box so I can do a comparison between the two.

Ah 'tis a guitar my lord, fashioned from pure black.

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